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36 Days Of Type - 2019

36 Days of Type is a project that invites Designers, Illustrators and Graphic Artists from around the world to express their particular views and styles in letters in our alphabet. For the 2019 leg of #36DaysOfType, I wanted to switch back to basics, recalling the way I learnt alphabets and their relation to objects, plants and things around us. Visually incorporating icons, figures and symbols into the shape and style of an alphabet, was my take on this series.

A for African Lilies

B for Books and Bicycles

C for Cactii

D for Dogs

E for Eggs and Elephants

F for Flight and Fishes

G for Galaxies, Greens and Goats

H for Heart, House, Hill and Hen

I for Image and Identity

J for Jellyfish

K for Kite, Koala and Kiwi

L for Leaf and Linear

M for Mountain, Mirror, Man, Moon, Map and Mermaid

N for Nightingale, Narwhal, Net and Nixon

O for Owl, Octopus, Orange and Olive

P for Peace, Pineapple, Pear, Pencil, Panda, Penguin and Pizza

Q for Queen, Quilt, Quail and Quetzal

R for Rose, Rocket, Raddish, Rhinoceros, Rooster, Raspberry

S for Shark, Shell, Sloth, Star, Snow Leopard, Snail, Sock and Seahorse

T for Television, Teapot, Turtle, Tree and Tree Trunk

U for Umbrella, Unicycle, UFO, Umbrella Bird, Urchin, Unicorn, Urial and Ukulele

V for Vnecks, Violin, Vulture, Vine and Volcano

W for Whale, Wave, Watch, Watermelon, Walrus, Wolf, Windmill and Wheel

X for Xylophone, X-mas Tree, Xiphias, Xerus, Xantus and X-Ray Fish

Y for Yarn, Yorkshire Terrier, Yak, Yolk and Yacht

Z for Zinnia, Zebra Plant, Zebra, Zig-Zag, Zebu, Zucchini and Zipper

Thanks for viewing!


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