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36 Days of Type - 2020

36 Days of Type is a project that invites Graphic Designers and Illustrators from around the world to express their particular views and styles in letters in our alphabet. For the 2020 leg of #36DaysOfType, I illustrated one Endangered Animal species corresponding to each letter. Every one of these animal species needs our immediate attention and urgent actions need to taken to conserve their ever-diminishing population and natural habitat.

A for Amur Leopard, B for Black Rhinoceros, C for Cross River Gorilla

D for Dhole, E for Egyptian Vulture, F for Fin Whale, G for Galapagos Penguin

H for Humphead Wrasse, I for Indian Elephant, J for Javan Rhinoceros

K for Killer Whale, L for Leatherback Turtle

NOTE: This project is still a work in progress, more illustrations coming up soon!

Thanks for viewing!


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