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Art Installation - Flipside - DB Corp

The studio was signed by Shubh Agarwal of DB Corp Ltd. to design an art installation for Flipside, a sky-high entertainment park in the heart of Bhopal city. The studio worked in collaboration with Design Circus, a Houston based studio lead by designer Riyaz Himany to conceptualize and execute the art installation. At Flipside, you can have endless fun with games like mini-golf, trampoline and other carnival games, or come enjoy delicious food and drinks with your loved ones. The mural design caters to the space as an introduction to all things Flipside!

In a project that spanned six weeks, we developed several concepts and mockups to set the seal on the one that served the space’s identity in the best way. Here below is a gallery of the project at different stages.

Hearty thanks to Pooja Prajapati, Gauri Shankar, Soumya Srivastava for their support.

Thanks for viewing!

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Manish Kamal
Manish Kamal
Feb 13, 2020

Hi Vaishali, Amazing illustrations, not only this one but all of them are amazing. The alphabet project rocks.You deserve more likes.

I am a graphic designer too. I can learn many things from you. Keep up the good work! Best wishes!

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