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Creative Coding With P5.js

When I arrived at Georgia Tech, I had limited knowledge of coding, so I made the decision to learn it. I opted for P5.js, an online JavaScript library that simplifies coding for artists, designers, and educators. My experience in creative coding with P5.js has been thrilling, and I'm eager to showcase some of the projects I've created using code.

Click on the </> icon on the top right of each project to view the code.

Temple of the Sun

Animated Illustration: Move the mouse pointer to control the position of the sun

Coastal Nostalgia

Interactive Collage: Move the mouse pointer to bring this artwork to life

The Politics of Body Ownership

Fabulation: Allow camera and microphone access and stand infront of your screen to interact


Poetry Generator: Click to get a new haiku every time


Selfie in Space: Move the mouse pointer to see your intergalactic selfie


Art With Code: View the source code to see how this artwork was created

Intergalactic Trip

Sound Reactive Sketch: Move the mouse pointer to hear the rocket fly through space

Cold Hues Art Generator

Paintboard: Mouse pointer paints shades of blue, mouse pressed paints shades of green


Keyboard Pictionary: Type Qwerty to reveal how my favorite answers

Thanks for viewing! Check out more projects below.


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