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UXD: Thematic Stores at Flipkart

My Role:

User Experience Designer II


UI/UX Design, User Research, Branding, Facilitation, Visual Design, Interaction Design


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, Microsoft Excel, Adobe After Effects, Miro

Inconsistent & Disjointed UX:

Problem: Flipkart, a leading e-commerce platform, was facing issues with the unification of thematic stores across different business categories. The problems caused ripple effects in terms of consumer experience, inefficient resource utilization, and business potential. The challenge was to create a cohesive, seamless, and efficient user experience.

Impact on CX, Resources & Business:

Consumer Experience:

  • Visually dissimilar thematic stores led to confusion and inconsistent user experience.

  • Lack of planned wireframes and curations led to a lack of innovation and user delight.

Design Team's Productivity:

  • Multiple designers and copywriters wasted time and effort in putting together similar event stores, leading to inefficiency and a lack of ownership.

  • The absence of standardized processes necessitated manual effort.

Business Impact:

  • The inconsistency in branding and presentation of thematic store designs affected the platform's credibility, hindering revenue growth.

  • A lack of visibility for thematic stores resulted in missed opportunities and potential impact on revenue.

User Survey Support: Statista

Enhancing Thematic Stores' Experience:

Solution: To address these challenges and create a more unified and efficient thematic store experience, we implemented the following solutions:

Unified User Experience:

We designed a consistent thematic store experience across all categories to improve user satisfaction and credibility. We also created standardized wireframes, curations, and design principles to enhance user delight.

Ownership and Automation:

My team was designated to take ownership of each thematic store, and was responsible for developing an umbrella concept that could be adapted across categories. We focused on automation to streamline design processes and reduce manual efforts.

Impact Metrics:

My work on 13+ online stores garnered more than 800M views in 6 months, enhancing UX, user delight, design team's efficiency, and boosting revenue through thematic stores. I also helped enable resource optimization, allowing the design team to take on more strategic initiatives.

Summer Store


Monsoon Store


Mother's Day Store


Independence Day Store


Holi Store


Women's Zone


Eid Store


Smart Living Store


Bharat Store


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