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Habibganj Railway Station

Habibganj Railway Station (HBJ) is a railway station in Bhopal City and part of the West Central Railway. It is located in Habibganj, New Bhopal. The station consists of a total number of 5 platforms. The Ministry of Railways privatized Habibganj railway station in June 2017, making it India's first private railway station. The station will have facilities like a shopping complex, forex kiosk and eateries. Below is my Proposal for a Station Art Makeover.

Interior Entrance Wall

The idea behind this image, of an Indian woman in a saree (the traditional drape of a woman in India), to be the first sight someone entering the railway station sees, was strung from the fact that this is how we display our welcome and hospitality to travelers from across the globe.

Exterior Car Pickup/Drop

The idea behind this graphic of a tiled color pattern over a cemented wall of the same pattern, was to emphasize or even add on to the pre-existing structure of the wall. The hint of colors compliment the #824241 hue of the surrounding pillars of the building.

Exterior Parking Lot

I have always loved the way the shades of turquoise contrast to darker colors, here in this proposed artwork, black. The idea behind this design was to compliment the architecture of a stairway leading to the second floor of the building. The repetitive tribal patterns over the contours, pillars and the murals designed for the side walls would reflect upon the Tribal Art forms of Madhya Pradesh, Gond, Pithora and Chitera.

Station Main Entrance

The idea for this wall was to display the different kinds of travelers that use the Western Central Railways. The stations sees thousands of travelers everyday, ranging from college going students to long-road travelers from across the country.

Station West Exit

The reason I chose to cover this exit wall with an illustrated image of the Bhopal Express because its one of the most important trains that starts from Bhopal and takes passengers to the country capital, Delhi.

Thanks for viewing! Check out more of my projects below.

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