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Manjusha Nair's Website Design

I recently had the privilege of designing the website of my former professor, Mrs. Manjusha Nair. She is a multi-talented artist, filmmaker, and educator. Holding an MSc. in Consciousness, Spirituality, and Transpersonal Psychology from Alef Trust, Liverpool John Moores University, UK, she boasts over two decades of experience in filmmaking and 12 years as faculty at the prestigious Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology in Bangalore, India. Her diverse journey spans participatory video projects in education, healthcare, and community development. Her passion is harnessing video and film for transformation, be it in learning, empowerment, or dialogue.

Design Choices:

Font Pairing: I selected Playfair Display as the primary font and Avenir as the secondary font to evoke elegance and readability. This harmonious pairing mirrors her artistic approach—delicate storytelling guided by a strong foundation.

Color Palette: The pleasant and organic colors, including Caribbean Current (#006C76), Mint Green (#BBE2DE), and Atomic Tangerine (#E39578), are an ode to her commitment to authenticity and environmental conservation. These colors blend serenity and vibrancy, mirroring her nuanced narrative approach.


Responsive Design:

Her rich journey in participatory video, education, health, and community development shapes her artistic narrative. The design mirrors her holistic filmmaking perspective. Explore her impactful storytelling portfolio at, where artistry and social consciousness converge.

Thanks for viewing! Check out more projects below.


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